Bilford Road Safety Campaign

The Worcester Green Party are leading the calls for action to be taken to make the junction of Bilford Road with Astwood Road safer for pedestrians, amid growing concerns that someone will soon be killed.

A petition has been handed to the County Council with well over 300 signatures from concerned residents in the area.

We are keeping a log of incidents and near misses on this stretch of road that will hopefully influence the council into taking action. You can reports an incident or near miss via our incident report form.

Bilford Road Action Group

Meetings have been held with residents at which the various issues and concerns around Bilford Road and Astwood Road have been discussed. Following these meetings an action group has been formed, headed by residents with local Green Party support. Their aim is to investigate further what can be done to improve safety along Bilford Road and Astwood Road, and to persuade the County Council to implement practical measures that will make these roads safer.

Minutes from these meetings are displayed below:

Speed data measurements in July 2015

Two locations were identified by members of the action group as the best places to track the speed of vehicles on the Bilford Road. They were just to the west of the canal bridge and just to the east of The Pines. Measurement was undertaken in July with the following results:

By the canal bridge the average speed westbound was 30.8mph and eastbound was 30.7mph. By The Pines the average speed westbound was 29.9mph and eastbound 29.5mph.

You can view a PDF document with the breakdown of speeds per hour here.

Perdiswell Leisure Centre Road Layout Redesign

With the proposed swimming pool at Perdiswell going ahead, plans for the new road layout are being considered. The drawing below (click on image for PDF version) is dated March 2015. If you have any comments about the design please let us know.

Perdiswell Road Layout

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