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Free Insulation

Worcester Greens are the house warming party. Most of us in Worcester live in older flats and houses built when energy was cheap and we used it like there was no tomorrow.

Unfortunately, if we carry on like that, there may be no tomorrow.

That's why we're proposing free insulation for every home in Worcester that needs it. Carbon emissions from homes were a staggering 21% oftotal emissions in the UK in 2005 and this programme alone can cut that by 25%. We've done the sums, looked at the time-scale and we know it can be achieved within five years.

Insulating every home properly also cuts fuel bills in the average home by up to half. This helps everyone at a time of rising energy prices, but especially people on low incomes in older, more run-down housing who - even though they can ill afford it - spend more of their income than the better off, just to keep warm.

The Green Party has shown that a universal free insulation scheme can work in Kirklees, Huddersfield where Green Councillors have made sure that 40,000 households will receive around £400 worth of insulation measures for absolutely nothing. Last year, more homes were insulated like this in Kirklees than in the whole of Greater London.

Hot stuff.

When we knock on voters' doors here in Worcester, the vast majority of them agree that we should insulate all homes that need it in Worcester for free. We have pages and pages of signatures on ourpetition to prove it. This petition calls for cross party support to do exactly the same in Worcester as they are doing in Kirklees. If it is possible there, we can do it here.

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