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A Green New Deal for Worcester

The current economic and environmental crises are linked.

We are in an unprecedented mess. Radical action mirroring what Roosevelt did with the New Deal to lift America out of the 1930s depression is what we need now.

Worcester Greens want to see a Green New Deal to tackle the recession. We can tackle both the financial crunch and the climate crisis by investing in jobs for the future. We need to create jobs in the following sectors:

  • Public transport and the local transport system, creating an efficient, cost-effective local public transport network for both town and country.
  • Local businesses working on energy-saving schemes, such as providing free insulation for all homes.
  • Local businesses that repair and mend, such as repairing domestic electrical goods like washing machines and cookers, and refurbishing bicycles.
  • High-technology local businesses specialising in energy efficiency and renewable energy technology.


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