Upcoming elections and previous results

The Green Party currently has five councillors representing Worcester residents:

  • Karen Lewing - City Councillor for Arboretum ward (45% vote share)
  • Marjory Bisset - City Councillor for St Stephen ward (57.9% vote share)
  • Matthew Jenkins - County Councillor for St Stephen division (56.7% vote share)
  • Neil Laurenson - City Councillor for St Stephen ward (61.4% vote share)
  • Louis Stephen - City Councillor for Battenhall ward (60.1% vote share)

Worcester Green Party is surging with 22.6% of the vote share in the last local elections.

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Worcestershire County Council

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European Elections

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Green Party Meetings

All Green Party members are welcome to come along to our monthly meeting to discuss our plans for Worcester and Worcestershire.

Our next meeting starts at 7:30pm on Wednesday 19th January. Our monthly business meetings will now be online via Zoom. Please contact Nick Weeks by email if you would like to attend. If you need any help setting up Zoom, please get in touch.

For more information, contact Nick via email or telephone 07586 814499.