Bedwardine - Dan Manning

Dan ManningI am studying Geography at the University of Worcester.

If elected I will work to further strengthen our local economy, which is thriving in retail, manufacturing, services, building and tourism, but, in many cases, it is sustained by too many low-paid jobs, following NHS and public sector cuts. We need to ensure that the local economy has a positive impact on everyone.

Worcester Green Party wants to increase the amount of local spending that is retained in the local economy. Worcester Green Party is in favour of small business grants and apprenticeship schemes, and an expansion of recycling schemes, including food recycling, that will see the city move towards ‘zero waste’.

I acknowledge that government cuts have meant that the council has faced difficult budget decisions. However, I reject cuts and outsourcing and want to ensure that as much as possible of the city council’s money is spent locally.


Battenhall - Louise Griffiths

Louise GriffithsI’ve lived in Worcester for almost four years now, and I think it’s a great place to raise a family. I was motivated to get involved in local politics by watching the government in Westminster and our local county council systematically dismantle public services in recent years, in particular children’s services.

I chose to run for the city council as a member of the Green Party because I believe in social justice, in taking care of the most vulnerable in our society, and in working hard for all Worcester residents.

If I’m elected on 3 May, I will work hard to stop cuts to local services and make sure we have a city council that stops playing party politics and gets on with improving our city.



Cathedral - Alaric Stephen

Aleric StephenI have lived in Worcester most of my life and attended local schools. I teach A-level maths at a school in Hereford.

I am keen to see Worcester become a more attractive place to live in and to visit.  I favour enhancement of the riverside and promotion of and support for the arts and entertainment. Both residents and tourists need to be able to move around the city easily. I would focus on improving facilities for walking and cycling and improving public transport.

Local government can be difficult to understand and seem remote from everyday life. The Green Party wants power to be devolved to local level and more resources placed under the control of local government, thus giving people more say in the issues that matter. People should be seen as citizens, not consumers. The Green Party is committed to openness and freedom of information in all aspects of government.



Claines - Peter Robinson

Peter Pobinson

I have lived in Worcester since 1994 and treasure the balance of a prosperous city centre with beautiful countryside on its doorstep. For all Worcester residents, but particularly those in our ward, it is ever more important to act to uphold that balance.

I will represent your views in all matters, not ignoring them once I have been voted in, as we often see.  I will work with any councillor from any party towards this end. We need to ensure that new developments are balanced by the inclusion of safe routes into town and other key employment sites, such as Sixways.

I will promote actions that reduce the impact of climate change in any already agreed new builds, like local energy production. Any development plans should reflect these ambitions.  I will focus on the most vulnerable groups in our area when determining the allocation of the limited city council funds.


Gorse Hill - Hannah Cooper

Hannah CooperI have lived in Worcester since 2012. I have a young family and I work at the Hive.

The Green Party believes that we must meet everyone's basic needs for health, safe food and water, clean air, housing, energy, education, an income, leisure, and a caring community, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

To take just one of these needs, there is much scope for improvement in housing in Worcester. I would work to ensure that unoccupied properties are let or sold, and that space above city centre shops is used as living accommodation. I favour initiatives to install insulation and other energy efficiency measures in homes and higher minimum standards of energy efficiency in new housing to reduce fuel poverty and carbon emissions.



Nunnery - Barbara Mitra

Barbara Mitra

I have lived in Worcester for 20 years and work at the University of Worcester. I believe in a caring, inclusive and democratic society which enables everyone to have fulfilling work, follow their interests, and interact with their local community.

Having my own children (one with special needs including autism, epilepsy and PDA) means I understand the importance of supporting others to have rich and rewarding lives.

Our democracy should be participatory and empowering for people to take an active and informed part in the decision-making processes that affect their lives.

If elected, I will do all I can to be a voice for local people and local issues. I believe the Green Party is the only party that has the policies to make our society fairer.


Rainbow Hill - Marjory Bisset

Marjory BissetI moved to Worcester late in 2014 and I have recently retired from my career as a freelance copy-editor. I was a parish councillor for five years in Berkshire.

I will represent the residents of Rainbow Hill actively, seeking their views by knocking on doors year-round, and keeping in touch through regular newsletters. I will tackle the problems that beset the local environment such as litter and broken pavements. I will work to improve public transport and cycling and walking facilities, to ease traffic congestion in the centre of Worcester and improve air quality.

l want to see more transparency in local government, and more co-operation between the parties. I believe we must not lose sight of the bigger picture – the need to act now to keep the worst effects of global warming and depletion of natural resources at bay.



St. John - Chris Lindsay

Chris LindsayI work in the IT industry having graduated from the University of Worcester last year.

The Green Party fights elections to bring people and their governments together to protect the natural environment, locally, nationally and globally and to promote a just society. One cannot be achieved without the other.

Worcester suffers from major traffic congestion and poor air quality. We therefore need to reduce traffic coming into the city centre. The city and county councils must work together on a vision to improve the transport infrastructure. Separation between motor traffic and people at work and leisure should be achieved as completely as possible.

I favour the establishment of an integrated public transport network, which would benefit residents, businesses and tourists. This would include park-and-ride sites and better facilities for cyclists and pedestrians.


St Peter's Parish - Nicola Williams

Nicola WilliamsI am a librarian who has lived in St Peters for over 20 years and I have two grown-up children. I am a keen walker and cyclist. Worcester’s open spaces are beautiful but we need to promote much safer cycling and walking, not just to improve physical well-being but also the air quality.

I believe we should take a preventative approach to health care. The council should work with health authorities to ensure that local, community-based GP clinics and health services remain publicly run and accessible to all. I favour policies to encourage more people to walk and cycle to improve their health and support for local food production via allotments and farmers markets.

I joined the Greens because they are the only political party to take climate change seriously and have practical plans to use the battle against global warming to help create a fairer world for everyone.


Warndon - Peter Sandland-Nielsen

Peter Nielsen

I have lived in Worcester since 1973 and represented the area on the council in the past, at one time as Chairman of Gorse Hill Primary School governors. Now retired, I worked at Kay's in computing and lectured at the Tech.

The Green Party opposes the discredited policy of austerity which the Tories have inflicted on us and our council for over seven years. The Green Party seeks to improve the quality of people’s lives, young and old, by protecting services under Tory attack. We want clean air, better bus and road services, homes for the young and care for the elderly.

Help us make Worcester a greater and greener place to live.



Warndon - Alison Morgan

Alison Morgan

I live in Worcester with my two children and work as a teaching assistant in a local special secondary school. I have previously worked in chemistry researching environmentally friendly products for the paper industry.  I joined the Green Party because of its commitment to fairness and sustainability.

Worcester is a great place to live but a major issue is getting around the city. Cycling and walking need to be prioritised and the cuts to bus services reversed. I also believe decisions about Worcester should be made at a local level by the city council with local businesses and jobs being supported to help keep the local economy healthy.  The Green Party is the only party addressing these important issues.




Warndon Parish North - Andrew Cross

Andrew CrossI moved to the Warndon Villages area of Worcester over 18 years and have worked here ever since. Over the past couple of years I have become increasingly involved as a local resident in planning matters and the sustainable economic development of Worcester. Air quality is another major concern.

If elected, I will work with people of all political and religious beliefs whether in the city centre or the outskirts, for the benefit of our communities, the environment and for the sustainable economic prosperity of Worcester.

We can all make a difference if we work together in a positive way and not waste time energy and public money in point-scoring. Creating community gardens with pollinator-friendly plants and bird-friendly habitats is an example of something simple and practical which we can all help to achieve at low cost. Our urban woodlands and green spaces are a valuable and necessary resource.


Warndon Parish South - Stephen Brohan

Stephen BrohanI have lived in Worcester for over twenty years and have two children raised and educated in the city.

If elected my priority will be to make Worcester a better place to live and work in, with a focus on improving local transport networks and prioritising affordable housing, particularly for the city's young people and young families. To help those living in fuel poverty, we favour initiatives to install insulation and other energy efficiency measures in homes. We should push developers for higher minimum standards of energy efficiency in new housing that truly benefits the residents.

We also need more effective partnerships between the public and social services, the police and educational establishments, building community engagement to make the city a safer place to live.