Arboretum - Stephen Brohan

Stephen BrohanI have lived in Worcester for over twenty years and have two children raised and educated in the city.

If elected my priority will be to make Worcester a better place to live and work in, with a focus on improving local transport networks and prioritising affordable housing, particularly for the city's young people and young families. To help those living in fuel poverty, we favour initiatives to install insulation and other energy efficiency measures in homes. We should push developers for higher minimum standards of energy efficiency in new housing that truly benefits the residents.

We also need more effective partnerships between the public and social services, the police and educational establishments, building community engagement to make the city a safer place to live.


Bedwardine - Claire Nichols

Claire NicholsI have lived in Worcester for more than 20 years, although originally from Liverpool. I have two grown-up children and Iam a self-employed consultant working in communications.

The reason I got involved in the Green Party locally was that I saw how committed they were to local issues.

I strongly support their efforts on transport, particularly the emphasis on making it easier to move around the city without having to use a car. Worcester suffers from major traffic congestion and poor air quality and the Green Party has put forward sensible policies to try to address this. The Green Party is also very supportive of the proposed pedestrian bridge in the north of the city, which I think would be of real benefit to local people.



Cathedral - Sheena MacKenzie

Sheena MacKenzieI have lived and worked in Worcester for the last 20 years. I love the city and the people in it. During this time I have worked in homelessness, substance misuse and counselling services.

Like many people I want to work to reduce suffering, in my work and in society. It is my belief that the climate emergency is already causing trauma and suffering, here and around the world and we still have time to change.

I am really hopeful about the Green Party's determination to improve public transport, cycling and walking routes. We can improve air quality, increase a sense of community and care for our most vulnerable. We can create a local economy that benefits all us in Worcester city.

I have two children who attend a local primary school and I want pass on to their grandchildren a town and a planet that will still be habitable. For me the Green Party offers that possibility.



Claines - Steven Dent

Stephen Dent

I have lived in Worcester since 2001 and brought up my children here. I work as a professional negotiator and also write an award-winning food blog. I was instrumental in setting up Worcester Food Rescue, which collects food from supermarkets for distribution to local good causes, and I volunteer at Worcester Community Gardens at Old North Stables, Pitchcroft, where we show people how to grow their own food. 

To promote healthier lifestyles I would like to see the council implementing measures to curb traffic congestion and pollution, and doing more to enable safe walking and cycling. Diglis footbridge opened up new routes for these activities, and I support the similar initiative proposed in the north of the city. 

In Worcester, the Greens have shown there is a better way for local politicians to conduct business by encouraging collaboration across political boundaries. If elected I would support this approach, to help identify those solutions that work best for Worcester’s citizens.


Nunnery - Barbara Mitra

Barbara Mitra

I have lived in Worcester for 20 years and work at the University of Worcester. I believe in a caring, inclusive and democratic society which enables everyone to have fulfilling work, follow their interests, and interact with their local community.

Having my own children (one with special needs including autism, epilepsy and PDA) means I understand the importance of supporting others to have rich and rewarding lives.

Our democracy should be participatory and empowering for people to take an active and informed part in the decision-making processes that affect their lives.

If elected, I will do all I can to be a voice for local people and local issues. I believe the Green Party is the only party that has the policies to make our society fairer.



St Clement - Frazer Bufton

Frazer Bufton

I am a director of an architect’s practice based in Worcester, where I have lived and worked for over 30 years. Worcester is also home to my wife and our four children who attend school, university and work locally.

As a practicing architect, I am passionate about our built environment and will work with my colleagues in the Green Party to champion the future development of the city to the highest possible standards of design and sustainability for the benefit of all of its citizens.

I welcome the fantastic work of the Green Party locally, in promoting improvements to the cities cycling and walking infrastructure and the planting of more trees in our streets and open spaces and will build on this by campaigning for improved public transport links to help alleviate the scourge of traffic congestion and for the provision of more and better public spaces in the city.


St John - Sarah Dukes

Sarah Dukes

Climate breakdown is the pressing issue of our time, and the Greens are the only party committed to fixing the future of our planet. This is a chance for you to ensure Worcester secures a bigger voice for the environment, and for social justice.

I’ve lived in Worcester with my husband and two children since 2005, and am an English teacher and eco co-ordinator at a high school in Malvern.  The Green Party has already made such a positive impact in Worcester, by increasing the number of solar panel installations, working on new cycling and walking infrastructure, and planting more trees. These achievements not only help ease our city’s traffic, they also help protect Worcester’s beautiful open spaces, plus ensure better air quality.

You can help keep up this momentum by voting for a party who are prepared to put the environment first, offering viable alternative solutions that will bring change. 



St Peter's Parish - Alaric Stephen

Alaric Stephen

I have lived in Worcester most of my life and attended local schools. I teach A-level maths at a school in Hereford.

I am keen to see Worcester become a more attractive place to live in and to visit.  I favour enhancement of the riverside and promotion of and support for the arts and entertainment. Both residents and tourists need to be able to move around the city easily. I would focus on improving facilities for walking and cycling and improving public transport.

Local government can be difficult to understand and seem remote from everyday life. The Green Party wants power to be devolved to local level and more resources placed under the control of local government, thus giving people more say in the issues that matter. People should be seen as citizens, not consumers. The Green Party is committed to openness and freedom of information in all aspects of government.


St Stephen - Marjory Bisset

Marjory Bisset

I moved to Worcester in 2014 and I have recently retired from my career as a freelance copy-editor. I was a parish councillor for five years in Berkshire.

I will represent the residents of St Stephen actively, seeking their views by knocking on doors year-round with other local Green councillors, and keeping in touch through regular newsletters. I will tackle the problems that beset the local environment such as litter and broken pavements. I will work to improve public transport and cycling and walking facilities, to ease traffic congestion in the centre of Worcester and improve air quality.

l want to see more transparency in local government, and more co-operation between the parties. I believe we must not lose sight of the bigger picture – the need to act now to keep the worst effects of global warming and depletion of natural resources at bay.


Warndon Parish North - Jane Moorhouse

Jane Moorhouse

I have lived in Worcester for 5 years supporting my community by organising events and campaigns and establishing a community garden. During that time I have witnessed a period of stagnation in decision making as the two main political parties battle for control.

The emergence of the Green Party in Worcester has demonstrated how much more can be achieved when parties work together rather than tear each other apart. Our old style of politics needs to change; the Green Party is a conduit for this.

Perhaps it is time to ask aspiring politicians what they have already achieved rather than what they plan to do when elected.



Warndon Parish South - Andrew Cross

Andrew Cross

My wife and I moved to Warndon Villages in Worcester 19 years ago and I have worked here ever since. Over the past few years, I have become increasingly involved in trying to improve things for our area: planning, sustainable economic development, transport and air quality - these are all interlinked and need attention.

If elected, I will listen to local residents and work with people of all political and religious beliefs whether in the city centre or the outskirts, for the benefit of our communities, the environment and for the sustainable economic prosperity of Worcester. I will help create a plan to protect our valuable urban woodlands and green spaces. There are several simple and practical measures which we can all help to achieve at low cost.

We can make a big difference if we work together in a positive way and not waste time, energy and public money in point-scoring.