European Elections 2014

The European elections were held on 22 May 2014. The Greens received 71 464 votes (5.3%) across the region. We did not elect Cllr Will Duckworth, our lead candidate, as a MEP. But we did finish in a near-tie across the entire region with the Lib Dems, ending up ahead of them in Bromsgrove, Coventry, Dudley, Herefordshire, North Warks, Nuneaton, Redditch, Sandwell, South Staffordshire, Stafford, Stoke, Tamworth, Warwick, Wolverhampton, Worcester and Wyre Forest.

You can read Will Duckworth's European elections leaflet here. (1.8 Mb, opens in a new window)

You can also read our national mini-manifesto by following this link.

West Midlands Green Party list candidates

There were seven MEP seats available in the West Midlands for the 2014 European election. Your Green Party candidates were:

  1. Cllr Will Duckworth (Dudley GP)
  2. Aldo Mussi (Sandwell GP)
  3. Vicky Duckworth (Dudley GP)
  4. Cllr Tom Harris (Stafford and Stone GP)
  5. Duncan Kerr (North Shropshire GP)
  6. Cllr Karl Macnaughton (Solihull GP)
  7. Laura Vesty (Coventry GP)


What is an MEP?
A Member of the European Parliament (MEP) represents their region at a European level. Each of the 27 EU Member States elects MEPs directly to the European Parliament during elections which take place every five years. There are 736 MEPs in total, 72 of which represent the UK. MEPs attend European Parliament sessions in Brussels and Strasbourg to discuss and vote on issues which need to be agreed at a European level.

The UK now has three Green MEPs:
Jean Lambert, MEP for London,
Keith Taylor, MEP for the South East, and,
Molly Scott Cato, MEP for the South West.

Our MEPs belong to a political group in the European Parliament called The Greens/ European Free Alliance. With 58 members, it is the fourth largest group in the European Parliament and provides a strong, united voice in Europe for issues of environmental, economic and social justice.

Green Party Meetings

All Green Party members are welcome to come along to our monthly meeting to discuss our plans for Worcester and Worcestershire.

Our next meeting starts at 7:30pm on Wednesday 19th May. Our monthly business meetings will now be online via Zoom. Please contact Nick Weeks by email if you would like to attend. If you need any help setting up Zoom, please get in touch.

For more information, contact Nick via email or telephone 07586 814499.