Green Party councillor condemns Worcester MP for ‘crazy idea’ that animals can’t feel pain

23 November 2017

Green Party councillor Neil Laurenson has condemned the city’s Conservative MP Robin Walker for voting to reject the idea that animals feel emotion and pain - as part of the EU Withdrawal Bill going through parliament, which will decide how Brexit takes place.

The part of the new law that was rejected aimed to transfer an EU law saying that animals can feel emotion and pain into UK law. It was introduced by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas and was rejected by just 18 votes.

If passed, the bill would have granted ‘sentience’ status to animals, and would have recognised in British law that they have feelings, emotions, interact with one another, and would have prevented them from being treated as lifeless objects.

Green Party Councillor Neil Laurenson said:

"I'm appalled that Robin Walker MP and his colleagues have voted not to recognise animal sentience. I was proud that Worcester City Council voted for my motion to ban the use of snares on council-owned land. The rejection of the animal sentience clause is a huge backward step for animal welfare and I know that people in Worcester will think that the idea that animals can’t feel pain is crazy." 

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