New Cycle Trail for Worcester tested by Green Party councillors

28 September 2018

Green Party councillors Louis, Neil and Matt recently tested a new cycle trail within and around Worcester.

The idea was originally proposed by a group including Worcester Civic Society’s chair Phil Douce back in March 2016. The idea has now been developed by local Green councillors as a web-based map that can be used via any standard smartphone. It is hoped that the new trail will be a successful follow-up to the popular giraffe trail hosted by the city in recent months.

Phil Douce said:

“I’m glad that we can now move forward with this project. Using a web-based solution will be a flexible way to get this project started.”

The website shows the route of cycle trail as well as providing information about each site along the route including text, pictures and videos. The new web-based heritage trail, when fully developed, could be a draw for tourism into the city, encouraging local people to get on their bikes for the benefit of their health as well as supporting local businesses, such as pubs and restaurants that are on the set route.

Cllr Louis Stephen said:

“The breakthrough is to use a smart phone approach that will mean that the idea can get off the ground with almost no upfront costs. We used free software to create the route map. Traditionally interpretation boards would normally be installed along the route, but these are expensive and need to be maintained at a cost. With the web-based solution all the information about each site is delivered by the phone.”

The new website is currently at an early stage of development but is open to members of the public to review, and any suggestions and amendments are warmly welcomed. More information is available on the website. Worcester Civic Society will now be creating content to complete the project with the goal of completing the first public release in a few months’ time.

For more information, please contact Louis, who is also a member of Worcester Civic Society. 0784 298 2774.

Green Party councillors Louis, Neil and Matt recently tested a new cycle trail within and around Worcester

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