Green Party Cllr Louis Stephen puts forward a motion on People's Vote

30 October 2018

A cross-party campaign is gathering momentum with support from Greens, Lib Dems and some senior politicians from both Labour and the Conservative parties. A motion will be put to city councillors on Tuesday night that calls for the council to support the People’s Vote campaign to give the British people the final say on the final terms of the negotiated deal.

Green Cllr Louis Stephen said, “We have many businesses in Worcester and the wider region that depend on frictionless borders to ensure they are competitive with our nearest neighbours in the European Union. I fear that a bad or no-deal BREXIT could hit the livelihoods of many people living in Worcester. But it’s not just fears for business I also worry that outside the EU we will subjected to a race to the bottom on environmental and worker protections. I’m calling for both Labour and Conservative councillors to support this motion and send a signal to Westminster that a bad or no-deal BREXIT must be put to a people’s vote – to allow the British people to take back control and have the final say.”

Stuart Thomson, Chair of Worcestershire for Europe said, ‘What has become clear over the last few months in particular is that Brexit has moved from massive benefits to the NHS, public services, infrastructure and economic growth to the stockpiling of food and drugs, a minister for suicide prevention and the departure in real terms (and in investment) of businesses from our country. Instead of leading in Europe our country is becoming an international laughing stock. Where once we were open for business we are now closed and the famous British tolerance has vanished in a puff of racism. If we are to regain our position in the world we must take the Brexit decision away from those who would destroy our beautiful country for their own ideological purposes. Now the facts are so much clearer it is time for the People to decide on their futures. It is time for a People’s Vote.’

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Tuesday 7th July 7pm: "Averting the Insect Apocalypse"

Talk by Dave Goulson.

Dave Goulson will explain why insects are in decline, and suggest how we should tackle this crisis, first by turning our gardens into oases for life, and second by fundamentally changing the way we grow food.

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Wednesday 22nd July 6pm: The Fold Talk/Tour

Talk about organic gardening / tour / talk about the Fold Farm.

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Petition: Cycle parking at Worcester City Museum

Worcester City Museum has no public cycle parking. The City Museum is situated on a cycle lane. Cycle parking would mean that City Museum visitors can make sustainable transport choices and help ease the City's traffic congestion.