Residents' Parking Scheme proposed by Councillor Matthew Jenkins gains approval following vote

14 March 2019

Matthew Jenkins - Residents' parking scheme approvedThe votes have now been counted for the proposed residents' parking scheme (RPS) the Arboretum and surrounding roads. With almost 61% of residents returning their vote and with over 95% saying yes, the scheme will be going ahead!

There were 742 returns in total, with 709 in support and 33 against. There are about 1220 properties within the proposed RPS area.

Matthew said: "Thank you to everyone who helped to deliver the letters and to knock on doors, often repeatedly, to ensure that we got enough people to vote and to vote yes. We wouldn’t have received so many returns without all your effort."

The next stage of the process will be for the detailed plans to be drawn up. Matthew will be meeting with the council officer shortly to work on the plans. As soon as he has more detailed plans he will share these with residents.

The likely date for the parking scheme to be implemented would be September/October. Plans need to be produced and then there needs to be consultation with public bodies such as the police followed by consultation with the general public. Once that has been done the scheme will be implemented by such actions as adding/removing yellow lines, marking out parking bays where required, signage installed, etc.

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