Green Party councillors support Worcester wildflower sanctuary plans

11 January 2021

Green Party councillors say they are "100% in favour" of the new wildflower sanctuary being created at the Cherry Orchard Nature Reserve in Worcester.

Worcester City Council has joined forces with the Warwickshire & West Mercia Community Rehabilitation Company, in efforts to reclaim a large area of the reserve.

St Stephen ward councillor Marjory Bisset said: "I am delighted to hear about the plan to create this new haven at the Cherry Orchard – this is just what's needed to benefit local diversity and make Worcester more beautiful."

Approximately one third of the area dominated by bramble and dog rose will be left untouched in order to provide shelter for nesting birds and small mammals. The rest will be cleared to provide light, ensuring the growth of wildflowers such as a vast variety of orchids, Michaelmas daisy and coltsfoot

Fellow Green Party councillor Louis Stephen was also in favour of the project. “There is a huge difference to leaving the plants to flower by their own devices and aiding the growth where needed," he said. "If you manage it in the proper way, we get a greater variety of species.

“It’s slightly paradoxical, as the first thought would be to leave the wildlife to allow for natural growth, yet without intervention we would see the wildflowers succumb to brambles. It isn’t as straight forward as it sounds but I am happy to see the project greenlighted.”

The work is due to be completed by the end of February 2021.

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