Green Party backs lockdown but warns more support is needed for families

11 January 2021

Sian Berry: "The government must now use this time to make schools safe and meanwhile provide a package of support for parents and children to help them get through this next difficult period"
The Green Party has backed the government's decision to follow the science and impose a third national lockdown.

England has followed Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland by announcing national measures to combat the latest wave. The UK recorded over 50,000 positive cases for the seventh consecutive day today [Monday] and many hospitals across the country have reached an emergency situation.

Sian Berry, Green Party co-leader and Mayor of London candidate, said:

"This is an extremely difficult moment for everyone, and many of us will be facing another lockdown, and the hardship and isolation it brings, with worry and concern.

"Until we have wide vaccination, and facing this steep rise in infections and a new variant spreading out of control, another nationwide lockdown is the only real tool available. I am glad the government has seen sense and listened to the science.

"But they did wait too long. The situation has escalated fast in recent weeks and, once again, the Prime Minister has failed to take timely and decisive action.

"It has taken the unions and local authorities, including Brighton and Hove City Council led by Greens, to show leadership, take the issue in hand and do what matters.

"The government must now use this time to make schools safe and meanwhile provide a package of support for parents and children to help them get through this next difficult period.

"Gavin Williamson has had almost a year to ensure all children are properly supported for online learning, and must do more now to reduce the disruption to many children's education that the gaps in support will cause.

"Once again, it is low-income families who risk losing out most because of this government's delays. A Universal Basic Income is needed now more than ever. People who may lose work under these new lockdown measures, need guaranteed support and more certainty in this time of anguish and worry."

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