Call for county council's 20mph policy to be reviewed was accepted

20 January 2021

Councillor Matthew Jenkins called on Worcestershire County Council to change the way 20mph speed limits are introduced. Currently the county council rules make it difficult for 20mph speed limits to be introduced, even when there is support from residents and the local county councillor.

Matthew said: "The county council's current policy is out of date and too restrictive. Over 70% of the public support 20mph limits where they live. 20mph speed limits in residential streets is also supported by local health services as it supports increased walking and cycling."

The motion asked for a cross-party group to review the current policy to make it easier for 20mph speed limits to be introduced. The amended motion was passed, although there were some criticisms from some councillors, including the Cabinet member Alan Amos, who thought the current policy was fine and didn't need changing.

The cross-party group will probably be set up after the upcoming local elections (expected in May, although Covid may delay them).

There was lots of coverage on BBC Hereford & Worcester on the day of the council meeting about 20mph speed limits with Matthew being interviewed.

Hopefully things are moving (slowly) towards more action!

Matthew and Karen by 20mph sign in the Arboretum

Matthew and Karen by a 20mph sign in the Arboretum

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