Plogging: Staying fit and keeping our neighbourhood tidy

24 August 2021

Local campaigner, Tom Piotrowski, has started a new initiative in Battenhall and St Peters that encourages people to combine physical exercise with looking after the cleanliness of their neighbourhood. 

Tom Piotrowski is looking for volunteers to join him at the regular plogging sessions that combine gentle jogging with litter picking. The first session on Saturday 21st of August produced a large haul of bottles, plastics, single-use face masks and other pieces of rubbish scattered around the St. Peters area of Worcester. 

Tom said, "It is an amazingly efficient way of combining good exercise with some positive action for the local community. It's amazing how much rubbish can be picked up during 1 hour of gentle jogging and brisk walking. In addition to picking up all that rubbish that takes literally thousands of years to dissolve if left untouched in the natural environment, we also want to make a statement that littering is not acceptable and we should all have a responsibility of keeping our streets and pathways clean. I will continue to push the council for the sufficient number of bins and regular checks for our green areas but I also realise that their resources are limited and that local residents could chip in as well, especially if it means doing some gentle exercise" 

If you would like to join Tom on the next plogging session or have concerns about a specific area around Battenhall and St. Peters, please drop him a message on or 07572 424543


Tom and Karen plogging

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10th November, 7:30pm, Worcester Baptist Church Hall, Sansome Walk, Worcester.

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