Neal Murphy - St Stephen Ward 2015

Neal MurphyThe city of Worcester is the way it is because of the way we live our lives, because of decisions made by the local council and crucially because the how many generations that have lived here before us. How we look after our city today leaves a legacy for our children and our children's children. With this in mind, it became a no-brainer for me to get behind the only party that has long-term sustainability at the heart of its values.

The utter selfishness of national politics causes many of us to distrust 'more-of-the-same' local and national politics. This politics of greed has been seen in the MPs expenses scandal, in every short-term (broken or buy-your-vote) promise, and in the uncharitable, blinkered take on the serious issue of immigration.

It pleases me to find a political party that puts such strong emphasis on social justice and grass roots democracy. These priorities connect with my personal values of caring for vulnerable individuals and prospering our local economy so that everyone gets a fair share.

Add in the Green Party focus on climate change protect our planet and we begin to see the way to live well together, and leave some natural resources for future generations.

Sue Avery - Arboretum Ward 2015

Sue AveryI have lived in Worcester for four years with my son and my partner. I worked at the University of Worcester for three and a half years and I now work as an administrator for a small company. I joined the Green Party in 2014 because of my increasing alarm at the direction in which the country seemed to be heading – an ever-increasing gulf between the richest and poorest, the number of people dependent on food banks, lack of action on climate change by government and our essential health and education services being undervalued while failing banks were propped up.

I believe that the Green Party is the only political party with people rather than profit at the heart of everything that it does. My hope in working for my area through the party is to help create a healthier, fairer and happier community.

I would love to see public transport in Worcester become cheaper and more efficient and for cycling round our city to become safer and more popular. I'm also inspired by local schemes focussing on food production and sustainability. Encouraging local businesses, services and community groups makes good environmental and economic sense and will help Worcester to thrive and become more resilient.

Marjory Bisset - St John Ward 2015

Marjorie BissetI am a newcomer to Worcester, having moved here towards the end of last year. I am a semi-retired freelance copy-editor, and had a long career in the IT industry as a technical author. Where I used to live, Shinfield near Reading, I was very involved in the local community as a parish councillor and school governor. I stood for the Green Party in the local council elections six times in Shinfield, and also stood in the general election in 2010.

I like Worcester and am enthusiastic about making it an even more attractive city, with more green spaces, a more pleasant urban environment and better public transport. l want to see more openness and transparency in government at the local level. I believe we must not lose sight of the bigger picture – the need to act now to keep the worst effects of global warming and depletion of natural resources at bay.

Peter Robinson - Claines Ward 2015

Peter Robinson

I have lived in Worcester for over 15 years. I work in the city and have been actively involved in Green politics and environmental issues for almost 20 years. I want to preserve the beauty of the local area for all the residents and wider citizens of Worcester. We should be working to create sustainable and self-reliant communities living in harmony with a flourishing and diverse natural environment.

In Worcester we are fortunate to live in, and be surrounded by, a beautiful natural environment. That environment needs to be actively protected if it is to be preserved and enjoyed by future generations. Local decision making and economic management coming from the City Council should be supporting production of the local goods, services and infrastructure needed to enhance the resilience and sustainability of our natural environment.

Current austerity and government cost-cutting should not be allowed to push the environmental agenda off the table; in fact many of the answers we need for the long-term economic prosperity are rooted in environmental common sense. Short-term politically motivated knee-jerk responses to financial constraints must not be allowed to jeopardise the long-term future of our natural environment.

David Barlow - Bedwardine Ward 2015

David Barlow

I have been associated with Worcester for much of my life, having attended school in the city and now living near the city centre for the past 33 years. I am now retired but was employed in senior marketing management of national brands, both within the UK and abroad. I subsequently taught economics and business studies in local colleges.

I was a member of Worcester City Council from 1985-2004, where, in addition to being Leader of the Council, I chaired several committees. I also served as a County Councillor (Hereford & Worcestershire) from 1993 to 1997, where I chaired the Competitive Services Board and Personnel. In addition, I chaired South Worcestershire PCT throughout the whole of its 5-year existence. As a Councillor, I worked tirelessly for Ward residents and was much involved in numerous outside bodies and Local Government Associations, both regionally and nationally.

Having terminated my membership of the Labour Party, I joined the Green Party in 2013 because I believe that the Green Party offers exactly the kind of credible, progressive policies which I have always supported and from which the Labour Party has drifted away.

Paul Snookes - Warndon Parish North Ward 2015

Paul Snookes

I am a resident of Warndon Villages and since retiring from the University of Worcester in 2013, I have been actively involved, as a volunteer, in many rewarding environmental and community projects in our area.

As I am sure you are aware, there is a lot of evidence that we all benefit enormously, both mentally and physically, by being out in nature with family, friends and neighbours. We therefore need to protect and improve the beautiful green spaces that we are so lucky to have all around us. Would you like to see less litter; better parks and public spaces for all of us; more of our verges and open spaces with more fruit trees and carpets of beautiful wild flowers; and more wildlife in Warndon Local Nature Reserve?

Then vote for me. If elected, I would help create a stronger sense of community in order to promote a great sense of wellbeing and safety for all of us who live in this lovely part of Worcester.

Jane Moorhouse - Cathedral Ward 2015

Jane MoorhouseThis is my first year as a Worcester resident having moved here simply because I fell in love with the city. I feel it is important for me to take an active role in firstly, protecting the things which make Worcester a great place to live and secondly, working with others to make it even better! I support the Green Party because of its grass roots, common sense approach to politics and because I am tired of politicians who seem to have forgotten they exist to represent the public. I believe that residents in a community are the people who know their community best, they know the problems in their community and often are able to suggest the best solutions too – politicians need to listen to them more.

I currently work in social care (on a zero hours contract!) having previously worked in the education, justice and health sectors. I have a keen interest in social justice and in supporting those people in our society who do not have a voice. I believe that community spirit, decent housing and high self-esteem are the foundations on which a strong society can be built. As a non-driver, public transport and good pedestrian access are also very important to me.

As a keen environmentalist I support many of the community led environmental initiatives across the city including Healthy Planet, Worcester Canal Group, Transitions and the Worcester Resource Centre. I would like to see older buildings brought back into use as housing and feel it makes sense that any new buildings should be extremely energy efficient. I believe in encouraging local businesses, local produce, local food and local jobs.

Nicola Porter - St Peter's Parish

Nicola PorterI have lived in Worcester all of my life and have a long family connection with the City. I spent my school years at Redhill Primary and Worcester Girls' Grammar School. I then qualified as a secretary at Worcester Technical College. I don't think that one can ever stop learning and have undertaken various courses, including qualifying as a hairdresser 10 years ago. I am also studying towards a degree with the Open University.

I am a strict vegetarian and an ardent supporter of animal rights and environmental issues. I try to be as self-sufficient as I possibly can and grow many of my own vegetables, having taken over my dad's allotments since he suffered with a stroke a few years ago. I believe in community spirit and will help out anyone who needs it. I also volunteer to help feed and save street animals in Avsallar, Turkey, as well as undertake various fundraising activities for them to raise money.

Peter Nielsen - St Clement Ward 2015

Peter Nielsen

I am asking for your vote again to allow me to serve the City. I have been a Worcester councillor in the past, and worked in IT at Kays, in engineering and as a lecturer. I am now retired and live in St Johns.

The Green Party acknowledges that councillors of all parties who have given service to the City are entitled to their due. However, we say that the Council is tired and out of date. It needs to change to play its part in making Worcester a truly attractive place in which to live, work, play, support the arts and bring up children. In this way, we can attract inward investment, tourism, support green industry and enjoy a stronger community spirit that treats people as citizens, not just consumers.

We regard housing as a human necessity, not a speculative market and would bring empty properties and flats above shops back into use and expand the stock of affordable and social housing through the planning system.

A Green council would seek to work with the County Council to make Worcester a safe cycling city, with a healthy environment and a road network serving people with disabilities, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. In cooperation with the NHS, we would support the NHS working with County Social Services.

The Green Party's time has come. It really is time for a change. Please give me and the Greens your support on Thursday 7th May.

Barbara Mitra - Nunnery Ward 2015

Barbara Mitra

I have lived in Worcester for nearly 16 years and work as a senior lecturer at the University of Worcester. I am married with two children. I believe in a caring, inclusive and democratic society that allows everyone to do valuable work, follow their interests, interact with their community and enjoy the nature around us.

Our democracy should be participatory and empowering, allowing people to take an active and informed part in the decision-making processes that affect their lives. Local communities should hold power by keeping the planning powers and using our money on projects that benefit local communities the most. Major decisions, such as new residential development, transport, education and economic developments should be made for the benefit of the community, not just the planning developers and big business.

I believe we need more consistently high-quality Councillors who will give local people more say in the issues that matter to them. If elected, I will do all I can to be a voice for local people and local issues. I believe the Green Party is the only party that has the policies to make our society fairer.

Alison Morgan - Warndon Parish South 2015

Alison MorganI have lived in Worcester for five years with my husband and two children who attend a local primary school. I am not currently working but volunteer in my children's school and am studying to become a Teaching Assistant. I have previously worked in chemistry researching environmentally friendly products for the paper industry.

Worcester is a great place to live but a major issue is getting around the city. Cycling and walking need to be prioritised and the cuts to bus services reversed. I also believe decisions about Worcester should be made at a local level by the City Council with local businesses and jobs being supported to help keep the local economy healthy.

I joined the Green Party because of its commitment to fairness and sustainability. The major political parties make short-term decisions based on profit and greed rather than taking a long-term view. The current austerity drive to cut spending on public services such as the NHS must be reversed and we must look to the future and how we want the world to look for our children's generation. I believe the Green Party is the only party addressing these important issues.