A Crash Course in the Economy, Energy and the Environment

Chris Martenson is an American scientist whose background is in biochemistry, neurotoxicology  and applied pharmacology.  He has produced a "Crash Course" lasting over 3 hours which can be viewed on his website at http://www.chrismartenson.com/crashcourse  

It explores the links between the economy, energy and the environment and analyses the way in which the future over the next 20 years will be shaped by depletion of energy and other natural resources and the rising world population.  

He recently visited the UK and was asked by Transition Network to produce an abbreviated version of his presentation tailored to this country. It is on You Tube in 6 short episodes at the following link, or you can view it below.


Chris Martenson - 45 minute crash course


Green Party Meetings

Come along to our monthly meeting to discuss our plans for Worcester and Worcestershire. Our next meeting starts at 7.30pm on Wednesday 21st February in the upstairs room at The Cricketers on Angel Street. It would be great to see some new people.

For more information, contact Louis via email or telephone 01905 359 509.


Health Funding Crisis Meeting

Worcester Trades Union Council are running this meeting. The say 'Worcestershire's health services are in a critical condition but our MPs are doing nothing. Health services are failing. The UK already spends less per head on health services that countries such as France and Germany. And we waste health money; privatisation has been a disaster. What we need is Fair Funding for the NHS in England. We need to get the Government to make sure the NHS and care services have the money they need to keep the NHS safe and not waste it privatising services.'

To reserve your seat and details of how you can put your questions and ideas contact: wtucgroup@gmail.com