What Greens will do in Worcester

If elected in sufficient numbers, Green Councillors will:

  • Promote the establishment of a green economy for Worcestershire, with the establishment of local jobs in energy conservation, recycling, generation of renewable energy and local food production.
    Read more about developing sustainable local jobs.
  • Support current recycling schemes, promote alternatives to the expensive incinerator, and promote policies that move the city towards ‘zero-waste’, including extending recycling to city pubs and restaurants.
    Read more about waste and recycling.
  • Continue to take a lead in promoting economic and efficient public transport, and reclaiming our streets for walking and cycling. We look forward to a time when once again our children walk and cycle to school, and people get around the city safely without using private cars.
  • Support the development and implementation of a long-term strategy for public, commercial and private transport in Worcester and the West Midlands Region, with the aim of reducing environmental impact and improving quality of life in Worcester. Read more about a sustainable transport network.
  • Create a healthy environment by focusing on prevention, healthy food and a community based NHS.
    Read more about promoting a healthy environment.
  • Tackle litter with an anti-litter education campaign and new initiatives to enable cleanup costs to be back-charged to the originating sources of the litter, such as fast food vendors.
  • Support initiatives to re-establish caring communities within the City, by increasing community policing in place of CCTV surveillance, promoting local businesses instead of multinational chains, strengthening local centres, such as St. John's, Warndon Villages, and St. Peter's, instead of centralising all services in the City centre.
    Read more about rebuilding our communities.
  • Improve access to affordable accommodation within Worcester and ensure that houses are as energy efficient as possible.
    Read more about affordable accommodation for all.
  • Increase the powers that are devolved to the local level and have more resources placed under the control of local government, thus giving local people more say in the issues that matter to them.
    Read more about devolving power to the local community.

To view the detailed policies for Worcester (currently being updated), download the Green Party Local Manifesto

Green Party local manifesto
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Green Party Meetings

Come along to our monthly meeting to discuss our plans for Worcester and Worcestershire. Our next meeting starts at 7.30pm on Wednesday 21st February in the upstairs room at The Cricketers on Angel Street. It would be great to see some new people.

For more information, contact Louis via email or telephone 01905 359 509.


Health Funding Crisis Meeting

Worcester Trades Union Council are running this meeting. The say 'Worcestershire's health services are in a critical condition but our MPs are doing nothing. Health services are failing. The UK already spends less per head on health services that countries such as France and Germany. And we waste health money; privatisation has been a disaster. What we need is Fair Funding for the NHS in England. We need to get the Government to make sure the NHS and care services have the money they need to keep the NHS safe and not waste it privatising services.'

To reserve your seat and details of how you can put your questions and ideas contact: wtucgroup@gmail.com