Developing Sustainable Local Jobs

Sustainable local jobsReal Progress on the Local Economy

The massive expansion in world trade over the past few years is at the heart of economic globalisation. Such trade puts power in the hands of unaccountable transnational corporations at the expense of elected national governments. As the benefits of trade go to corporations not individuals, it also undermines local economies. It is based on an out-dated model of "comparative advantage", a now discredited economic theory that Greens argue bears no relation to the current reality of trade. The global economy is experiencing a "triple crunch". It is a combination of a credit-fuelled financial crisis, accelerating climate change and soaring energy prices underpinned by an encroaching peak in oil production. It is now impossible to avoid the long-term consequences, but local communities can be insulated from the worst effects through the development of a sustainable green economy, with local jobs serving local needs.

Our Vision for the Local Economy

Establish a Green New Deal for Worcester

Worcester is suffering from the economic downturn. Every week, more jobs are being lost as big business pulls out of Worcester; closing offices, factories and shops. We want to counter this by establishing a local green economy for Worcester. As big business moves out, we should be creating local jobs in energy conservation, recycling, generation of renewable energy and local food production. We have the chance to take control of our economy away from the multi-nationals and put it back where it belongs; in the hands of the local community. We need to be taking a more active role in supporting local businesses, for example by setting up Credit Unions - low interest, non-profit making savings and loans co-operatives - which allocate members' savings for loans, and recycling wealth in the local community. We need a fresh approach to the local economy and how that economy operates within the larger economic framework.

Greens will:

  • Push to set up more small business start-up units, with on-site advice and support, and work to increase the number of businesses and voluntary organisations that aim to serve the local market and use local materials, offer repair services or specialise in alternative energy production and energy conservation.
  • Create and support voluntary and community bodies that give advice and training, such as the Claimants' Union, the Workers' Educational Association, the Ethnic Minority Business Service and the Cooperative Development Agency.
  • Call for the establishment of a fund to provide Discretionary Rate Relief for local businesses.
  • Work with local residents to develop regeneration schemes for all the poorer areas of the City.

Buy Local

Every week there are more vacated and boarded-up shops and businesses in Worcester. This not only makes for boring shopping; it's bad for the local economy, and for everyone who lives or works here. We need to reverse this trend by encouraging more local businesses and retailers. A pound spent with a locally-owned business is multiplied in value when it gets spent again at another business, but a pound spent at a chain store will have most of its value absorbed by the parent company.

Greens will:

  • Force councils to source locally as much as possible, and use existing legislation, such as the Sustainable Communities Act, to favour local businesses over chains.
  • Support legislation to require major banks to provide realistic loans to small local business start-ups and expansions.

Green Party Meetings

All Green Party members are welcome to come along to our monthly meeting to discuss our plans for Worcester and Worcestershire.

Our next meeting is our AGM and starts at 7:30pm on Wednesday 15th July. Our monthly business meetings will now be online via Zoom. Please contact Louis Stephen by email if you would like to attend. If you need any help setting up Zoom, please get in touch.

For more information, contact Louis via email or telephone 01905 359 509.