Real Progress on Crime and Society

Rebuilding our Communities

Greens believe that crime and the effects of crime on our society are a major problem. Too much emphasis is placed on dealing with the effects of crime and not enough is placed on the causes and on crime prevention. Our commitment to tackling the causes of crime can only be fully judged by looking at our proposals in the whole of our manifesto. In particular, we seek to promote the local economy to provide jobs, and housing and planning policies that build and maintain stable communities. Those who promise the latest quick fix must be judged by their previous failures. Recent changes in law have made the police more accountable to the communities they serve; communities that should be taking a role in determining local policing priorities. Greens welcome this.

Our Vision for Our Communities

Re-establish Community Policing

We need more effective partnerships between social services, the police, education establishments and the public. An important component of this is community policing, where officers on the beat know, and are known by, the people they serve. We need to increase the level of effective community policing by getting police officers and community support staff back on the beat, rather than relying on increased CCTV surveillance. Installation of CCTV in public areas often simply displaces crime to poorer areas without cameras. CCTV is no substitute for people looking out for each other through strong communities.

Greens will:

  • Promote the use of community policing, with officers on the beat, over the use of CCTV surveillance.
  • Encourage the formation of Neighbourhood Watch and local Residents? and Tenants' Groups in all areas, not just in the wealthier parts of Worcester.
  • Support the improvement of community amenities. Care will be taken to ensure that mistakes in urban design do not create more opportunities for crime. In particular, we support measures such as the fitting of effective street lighting, which has been proven to cut crime.

Re-establish local communities

We need to strengthen local centres, such as St. Johns, Warndon Villages, and St. Peters, instead of centralising all services in the City centre. We need to re-establish neighbourhoods where people know each other and look out for each other.

Greens will:

  • Work in partnership with urban planning departments, social services, the police, local businesses and funding agencies (such as the EU and National Lottery Awards) to re-establish living communities in local centres around Worcester.

Green Party Meetings

All Green Party members are welcome to come along to our monthly meeting to discuss our plans for Worcester and Worcestershire.

Our next meeting is our AGM and starts at 7:30pm on Wednesday 15th July. Our monthly business meetings will now be online via Zoom. Please contact Louis Stephen by email if you would like to attend. If you need any help setting up Zoom, please get in touch.

For more information, contact Louis via email or telephone 01905 359 509.