Real Progress on Waste and Recycling

Waste and recyclingProtecting the Future

The vast amount of waste generated by our over-consuming society is a scandalously inefficient use of resources. It is environmentally damaging, unsustainable and unnecessary. If everyone in the world lived like the average Worcester resident then we would need three extra planets to support the current global population. National legislation (e.g. taxes on packaging and non-recyclable materials) would be the most effective way to tackle the root causes of the problem; however, much more can be done locally to encourage the reduction of waste and the reuse and recycling of materials.

We need to move towards a 'zero waste' strategy: reducing the amount of waste produced, re-using, repairing and recycling materials, recovering usable materials from waste, and composting organic matter. We would seek incentives for re-use schemes, and for businesses that repair, recycle and reduce packaging. Several cities around the world have already set themselves the target of becoming zero waste. Local authorities including North East Somerset and Essex, and even companies including Honda, Toyota and Xerox, all have zero waste strategies.

Our vision for waste

Construct a local Resource Recovery Park

Sending our waste to landfill is increasingly expensive, and not sustainable. Incinerators cause pollution, and actually encourage us to produce waste to be burned. What is required is a local facility that collects, processes and redistributes recyclable material, supplemented by small anaerobic digestion plants and biomass facilities. This would greatly reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and reduce the need for incineration.

Greens will:

  • Promote the establishment of a local, community-owned Resource Recovery Plant, to be run on a not-for-profit basis.

Extend the range of materials collected for recycling

Most local businesses are keen to recycle, but it's often inconvenient or expensive. As a result, many just fill their refuse sacks. This in turn adds to the cost of the Council's waste collection. Extending the household recycling service to include businesses would save everybody money and reduce waste.

Greens will:

  • Extend the household recycling service to include local businesses, particularly restaurants, pubs and other food and drinks outlets.

Reduce waste wherever possible

We have all become used to living in a throw-away society. That has to change. Much of the waste we generate is unnecessary, and a large part of the problem of waste can be solved simply by not generating so much of it.

Greens will:

  • Support and promote the re-use and repair of materials by individuals, organisations and companies. Encourage community-based hire and share schemes so people have access to vehicles, tools and other equipment without having to buy their own. Ensure the Council procures long-life goods wherever possible.

Reduce litter and fly-tipping

Waste is also about litter, and fly-tipping. In Worcester, litter is particular problem near takeaway food outlets, and on routes that lead away from them. Not only is this unsightly and unhygienic, it leads to other problems, such as the large numbers of gulls that have come to live and breed here. Although currently less obvious, the rat population is also on the increase. Aggressive anti-litter and anti-fly tipping education campaigns could go some way to reducing the burden. But new initiatives are needed.

Greens will:

  • Take action to make takeaway food outlets responsible for the litter their customers create, and pay for the cleanup costs.
  • Establish more effective, daily clean-up operations in the worst-hit areas, and more effective monitoring of the originating sources of the litter.


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